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Our Mission + Vision

Our mission is to support women in their quest to achieve a strong financial, professional, and spiritual foundation. We provide professional attire, career development, and skills training, and spiritual guidance to foster long-term personal prosperity and career success.


Better Together

"I am your sister, not your competition. I am your ally, not your enemy. Your dreams are my dreams, and your goals, my goals. The top is not far when you are standing on the shoulders on your sister. This is my promise.

- My Sister CEO Creed


Letter from Founder + CEO, Maria

My Beautiful Sisters,

We are an army of daughters, mothers, friends, CEO's, leaders and more, In this community, we don't focus on your faults. Rather than  what you lack, we focus on your gifts and challenge you to walk in fullness in each and every area of life: business, career, and personal. We work together to help one another discover strategies and techniques that elevate your mindset, changing the way you think about yourself, network with amazing women and so much more. We are not seeking to motivate in the moment, but to transform your outlook on who you truly are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    With Love,                                                                                 Maria